4 Steps I Use To Get Rid of Anxiety


As I have spoken with many of you about your struggles I have found that I am very been blessed.  I say that I’m blessed because I’ve never been diagnosed with depression or anxiety.  However, that does not mean that I haven’t gone through times in my life when I don’t feel those symptoms.  I also know that many who struggle with ADHD (as well as other mental health conditions) also suffer from symptoms of anxiety.  That being said today I’ll be discussing the way that I have dealt with this.

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How a Smart Watch Can Help w/ ADHD

LG G Watch R
The watch I use is the LG G Watch R.

While I am at work, every hour, on the hour my LG G Watch R buzzes at me to remind me specific task that must be completed.  Personally I find this to be an indispensable tool and without it my job would be more difficult.  Smart watches have been around in some form or fashion for a few years now.  Rangng in price from $79 all the way up to $300+ these watches do Continue reading

Most Common Reasons for Burnout & What You Can Do

“You are doing the same thing you always do!stress-864141_960_720  What new idea
will you have next week?” my friend bemoaned.  I had just quit 1 project to take on this blog.  In the past I’d always started with, “well I’m going to do that too!”. Lying to myself more than anyone else.  Does this- sound familiar to you?  If so, you aren’t alone!  It’s not uncommon for those who experience ADHD to bounce from job to job or project to project and why shouldn’t we?  While the rest of the world is on the outside looking in we have a plethora of experiences! We have the oppurtunity to know firsthand what we like and don’t like, what we are passionate about and what only somewhat enjoy.  So next time someone tells you that you need to settle Continue reading