Review: My Effectiveness Pro

I tend to root for the underdog.  So when I see an individual developer coming out with something I tend to give them a shot and a little more leeway than I would with a major corporation with millions to spend on development.  That being said, I opened My Effectiveness Pro knowing that I may find a few bugs.  The concept of what I found inside was impressive and after that things started to go down hill.

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My Effectiveness Pro is not just a to do list.  It gives you a place to make a mission statement and walks you through the process of really defining what is important and what isn’t.  For people with ADHD I have found this to be invaluable.  It even has something that you can use as a Journal.  It even utilizes an Eisenhower Matrix to help you prioritize task.  The concept of an all in one integrated app that can help me manage ADHD symptoms (even if it wasn’t intended as such) was an exciting prospect!



Where I started running into trouble is when I tried to schedule things.  That part was really clunky.  It had way too many options and wasn’t very streamlined at all.  I to put the due date in, in multiple fields and wasn’t quite certain why I had to do that.  It did connect with the Google Calendar App which was awesome. When utilizing the calendar I ran into trouble if I didn’t set a reminder as it wouldn’t set a due date.  Also when I tried to use the week planner it wouldn’t put items down on their selected due date.


If you use different OS platforms then you  are going to run into trouble with that as there is no Windows version and no app that will talk to it.



+Define your principles (Mission)

+ Remove distractions (Influences/Concerns)

+ Set your Priorities

+ Describe you Life Roles

+ Identify your Goals

+ Create a comprehensive Action plan

+ Put the steps into Projects/Actions/Checklists

+ Use unique Weekly Plan view for week actions and week goals!

+ Concentrate on the Next action using Pomodoro technique

+ Google Drive™ integration


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In the end you get what you pay for, and this is completely free.  Kudos to the app creator for writing such a robust app.  I love the concept and hope development on this continues.  If he or she could write a decent app then I’d be willing to pay a fair amount (a few dollars) for paid features.


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