How a Smart Watch Can Help w/ ADHD

LG G Watch R
The watch I use is the LG G Watch R.

While I am at work, every hour, on the hour my LG G Watch R buzzes at me to remind me specific task that must be completed.  Personally I find this to be an indispensable tool and without it my job would be more difficult.  Smart watches have been around in some form or fashion for a few years now.  Rangng in price from $79 all the way up to $300+ these watches do every thing from telling time to sending text messages and more.  Today however we will be focusing on the organization features of these watches.


As some of you may know there are 3 platforms of smart watch: Apple’s Watch a number of devices from Android, and Pebble.

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Each of these watches have their own features as well as some downfalls and I will be discussing them to some length, however let’s not lose focus of why we are here and that is to discuss how a smart watch can help mitigate your ADHD symptoms.

Cellphones are Distracting

As cell phones progress and become even more capable devices they pose the rick of causing even more distractions.  For instance, say your phone vibrates and your you may not know if it’s your boss, or best friend.  One could have something important to say and the other just want to carry on a conversation.  So like anybody you pull out your phone and look at it..  Whoever it is, you quickly take care of the business

BUT right as you are about to put the phone away you see that the newest pop celeb is up to something that is  OH SO SCANDELOUS or the Presidential Nominee that you HATE has riled you up again.  Now it takes just a second to post you opinion on social media,

BUT while you are there you see that your favorite thing in life is on sale for 75% off and yes the sale ends TODAY and since you have ADHD and know you might forget about it, so you go to their site and buy one of those,

30 MINUTES LATER you find yourself chatting with your best friend about this #awesomefind and as you go to put the phone away it buzzes AGAIN and the conversation begins anew.

For some this story may be a bit extreme, my point is that we all get distracted to certain degrees.  A smart watch with its’ limited functionality (when compared to its’ phone counterpart) is an awesome tool to help keep you up to date on what is going on while allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand.

An example: today while preparing for an appointment my watch started vibrating, I looked down and saw that it was my doctor so after putting a blue tooth earbud in my ear I swiped left on the watch and was told some important information.  After I finished getting ready

There are also other features that I often use, I occasionally take short notes using One Note or Google Keep, I’ll get directions or travel time with Google Maps, I also use it to keep me up to date on how much physical activity I’ve had throughout the day (which can be beneficial in diminishing ADHD symptoms.)




Smart watches aren’t for everyone and below I cover some of the reasons they may not be for you.


From talking to others, the big down side seems to be “getting sucked into the hole.”  For instance, the watch might notify you of something that happened on social media and you then feel compelled to see what is going on, so you pull out your phone and have a scenario similar to the earlier story.

Tip: On Android Wear you can block apps if you find notifications to be obtrusive.


On all but the Pebble you will find that that the battery life doesn’t very long.  I often have to charge my watch about every other day.  Most of the Pebble watches use different technology and last about a week between charges.  Many times I keep my watch screen off to conserve battery life.  When I need it I turn my wrist and the screen comes on.

Bear in mind that the Pebble Time Round has a greatly diminished battery life compared to its’ counterparts.  Battery life is estimated at 2 days depending on use. 



Although I expect that smart watches are going to eventually come down in price they are still relatively new on the market and most aren’t cheap.  The Pebble Classic is a clear winner in this Arena though.  With an MSRP of 99.99 I was able to find it on Amazon for $74.99.


When my smart watch first arrived I didn’t think much of it.  I honestly thought that I had paid too much and got too little in return.  It isn’t until recently that I realized just how much I depend on it to keep me focused, and helped me remember to do things.  At this very moment I have it counting down til I need to feed the meter.  For all that you are getting, smart watches can be pricey and if I were in a place where I had to make the decision to buy one again and I didn’t have the money for the one that I currently own, I’d most likely go with the Pebble Classic, Pebble Steel or a discontinued model.  To me it is that indispensable; even though I could live life without it, but it would be much harder.

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