…so I’ve been gone for a while

Hey, sorry I have been away for a while.  I took on a new job which had me really busy.  I am back though and am working on something amazing that I’ll be talking more in depth about in the near future.

Lately I have been working on mindfulness.  Over the last year I have wrote at length about how it can be helpful for people who struggle with ADHD.  I’ve read a lot of things from all over the web but what I’ve noticed is a severe lack of information for people with ADHD from people who deal with it.

So as a show of things to come I have put together a mini exercise that I use before starting a project or reading something:

Breathing Mindfulness:

  1. Sit down (or get into a comfortable position).
  2. Set a timer for 5 minutes.
  3. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  4. When you have abstract thoughts label them as “thinking” and imagine yourself putting them on a shelf then re-focus on your breathing.
  5. Continue this until the timer runs out

And that’s it.  If you can’t do it for 5 minutes then do it as long as possible and work up to it.  Also, if you have a thought that keeps coming up then note it down and focus on it later. 

I did this exercise before doing some research.  This practice helped me focus and not get sidetracked and I hope it helps you too.

Site Announcement-Journal Entries

I’ve decided to start using Tumblr for all future journal entries.  My first entry was an in depth look at my story many of you know it but I do go into more detail in some areas.  I am doing this because I want to keep this site reserved for topics that I have researched and Tumblr for an account of me dealing with my ADHD.

3 Step Method for On Time Project Completion

Whether you are writing a paper for school, an article for a blog, or a report for work it can be time-481444_960_720difficult to stay on task and meet the deadline.   This is often true if you know very little about the topic at hand or aren’t very interested in the subject you are writing about.  Below are methods and tools I have used to manage projects.  (I will be mentioning a few apps that I use.   In no way am I associated with these companies, nor am I endorsing them or their product.) Continue reading

3 Step Process for Overcoming Procrastination

Part of the ADHD Obstacles Series

A few days ago I wrote about my 9 ADHD obstacles and how I will overcome them. Quite frankly even without ADHD we all procrastinate. Let’s face it, there are just some task out there that we REALLY don’t want to do. So I figured that this makes a good starting point for all of us. Bear in mind that this is my plan but I have written the article in a way that it is directed at you the reader. I will be following up with various projects in the journal section.

Step 1: Recognize that you are procrastinating

Continue reading

Site Announcement – Celebrity Quotes

By now you have probably noticed the celebrity quotes.  I have worked very hard to ensure that these are people who are affected by ADHD.  It is my hope to show how anyone can reach their goals no matter the challenges they face.

I may from time to time post quotes by people who have over come other obstacles but if this happens I will tell their story.  You’ll usually see a read more link.

Also as an Easter Egg I may post other content such as video interviews so once again be sure to look for the read more link.

Guinea Pig – Working Out

Ok, I will not be doing 18 miles on a bike.  Holy crap, muscles I have hurt.  I think I walked more than I rode!  I was also cramping up towards the end.  I will be going back to a sensible workout.  30 minutes of stairs or walking sounds very nice…once my muscles stop hurting.

Usually I have got better about not biting off more than I can chew…if I consciously plan something out.  I didn’t realize that the city had so many hills.  I was also unprepared as I didn’t really eat much yesterday and didn’t have pack a water bottle.  I just don’t know what got into me.  I usually know better.  I did after all used to be in the military.  I do want to be healthier over all and I honestly believe that will help with my ADHD symptoms.