Most Common Reasons for Burnout & What You Can Do

“You are doing the same thing you always do!stress-864141_960_720  What new idea
will you have next week?” my friend bemoaned.  I had just quit 1 project to take on this blog.  In the past I’d always started with, “well I’m going to do that too!”. Lying to myself more than anyone else.  Does this- sound familiar to you?  If so, you aren’t alone!  It’s not uncommon for those who experience ADHD to bounce from job to job or project to project and why shouldn’t we?  While the rest of the world is on the outside looking in we have a plethora of experiences! We have the oppurtunity to know firsthand what we like and don’t like, what we are passionate about and what only somewhat enjoy.  So next time someone tells you that you need to settle Continue reading

3 Step Method for On Time Project Completion

Whether you are writing a paper for school, an article for a blog, or a report for work it can be time-481444_960_720difficult to stay on task and meet the deadline.   This is often true if you know very little about the topic at hand or aren’t very interested in the subject you are writing about.  Below are methods and tools I have used to manage projects.  (I will be mentioning a few apps that I use.   In no way am I associated with these companies, nor am I endorsing them or their product.) Continue reading

Journal 4/27/16 1st Official Entry

imagesHey guys sorry l haven’t wrote with my normal regularity.  Life and work has kept me from some of the things I truly love.  So this is the 1st official entry of a new topic accurately titled “journal.”  I may place previous articles into this category but I haven’t yet made a final decision on that.  In the journal you will see the ADHD related parts of my life as well as advanced hints of what’s to come for the site.  Bear in mind the intent of the journal is for the content to mostly raw and unrefined.  As far as frequency goes that will vary.  This won’t be an every day entry but will happen as events unfold.

This is what I have been up to lately.  So I’ve been trying to diagnose the problem with my Continue reading

3 Step Process for Overcoming Procrastination

Part of the ADHD Obstacles Series

A few days ago I wrote about my 9 ADHD obstacles and how I will overcome them. Quite frankly even without ADHD we all procrastinate. Let’s face it, there are just some task out there that we REALLY don’t want to do. So I figured that this makes a good starting point for all of us. Bear in mind that this is my plan but I have written the article in a way that it is directed at you the reader. I will be following up with various projects in the journal section.

Step 1: Recognize that you are procrastinating

Continue reading