ADHD Success: James Carville

Whether you like him jamescarvilleor hate him James Carville has had an impressive career.  Did you know that he also has ADHD?  Leading the Clinton Campaign against George Bush Sr. he helped clinch an impressive victory.

During an interview with CBS  he told of how a doctor approached him while he was traveling  and exclaimed, “I’ve been lookin’ at you the last five minutes, and I’m pretty sure you’ve got a real case of ADHD just watching you.”

From there he started taking measure to mitigate his ADHD and even, “built a life around it.”  Since then he has continued to have a successful career in the Democrat party.

What makes James Carville awesome?  Personally I find it awesome that he was successful BEFORE he was diagnosed, but it wasn’t easy.  He flunked out of college once and joined the Marines then went back to school again where he graduated with a 4.0 (his blood alcohol level, not his GPA) according to CBS News.

In closing politics takes a lot of energy and Carville’s ability to be hyperfocused and adaptable has turned him into a king maker among mere political consultants.

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